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With innovative high quality pest control you can trust the fact that absolute pest management will have the solution to prevent or eliminate unwanted pests, those trying to invade your home or have already succeeded in doing so.


Your business can’t afford a pest infestation. To protect your business the same way we protect your home from insects we have designed comprehensive services to provide peace of mind for our clients.


Resorts and neighborhood common areas such as swimming pools and cabanas, need extra attention to keep pests under control. For the resort industry we offer unique pest & termite control services.

One-Time vs. Recurring Pest Control Treatments

Most homes will need to be treated more than once before the pests are eradicated, hence the possible higher cost, so you might want to decide early on what you’re willing to pay for. Some can be taken care of in one visit, but others will need additional treatments as they reproduce and eggs hatch. The decision to schedule one visit vs. regular visits will depend on the extent of the problem. Each situation needs to be evaluated by a professional exterminator. In some climates, such as warm, moist ones, having regular visits from the exterminator may simply be a monthly cost you’ll need to add into your budget.


We use a scientific approach to pest management that utilizes multiple control methods in addition to the use of products and materials at your home. Effectively using these proven control methods allow us to get the best results in tackling your pests.

We know desert pests and our services are designed specifically for our desert environment.

Rodent Control

Rodents have lived near humans for centuries, causing most of the major plagues in history. Originating in Asia, rats and mice are now a global concern, reproducing at alarming rates, carrying diseases and causing structural damage to homes and businesses.

Even with our moderate climate, rodents will move into your home in the cooler months in search of food, water and shelter. While these rodents vary in size and nesting habits, they all share the ability to cause damage to houses and spread diseases such as Hantavirus and other pathogens, transmitted by infested fleas, ticks and feasting insects. Rodents can also infect food supplies, spreading Salmonella to humans.


Since roaches are not picky when it comes to food, they will eat almost anything to which they have access. Roaches love dark and moist environments in which they can hide, so you must fix leaky pipes if you would like to keep them at bay.

Roaches can carry bacteria and transfer it to your food if they get into your kitchen, putting you and your family at risk for health problems. Don't waste time getting rid of these invaders if you value your well-being.


Ants can taint your food and are an unpleasant sight for you and your guests. They can easily overrun your kitchen and every other room in your home.

 We offer scheduled services for ongoing preventative maintenance and monthly services. If ants show up between our visits, we will send an expert to your home to address the invaders without charging you. We'll tailor a pest control plan that is right for you and your family.


Bedbugs are nuisance pests that are attracted to warmth, can hide in excess clutter and live in pre-owned mattresses or furniture. They are easy to pick up from hotels, movie theaters or other people's properties.

Bedbugs cause red itchy bites to humans and pets. Bedbugs are pests that you essentially can't get rid of on your own. 

Bees and Wasps

They are beneficial and yet harmful insects. They can be found above ground around patio or deck areas, attics, roofs and also below ground as well. Carpenter bees get their name from being able to drill through wood. They only dwell amongst themselves in the nests that they built. They cause damage to the wood where they build their nests and their nests can be very hard to reach.


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